A fresh Marketing Intern

Hello, my name is Justina and I am reporting live from Quad Consultancy as a fresh Marketing Intern.

I come from one of the Baltic States – Lithuania. I live and study in the capital Vilnius. At the moment I am nearly finished with my Bachelor studies, the last step for me is an internship and the Bachelor Thesis. Thus, I find myself in Malta, as the intern in a Consultancy company, making the most of this experience.

This is the start of my fifth week in Malta and I have to say that so far it has been going great. The weather is something I needed to get used to as an Eastern European but it is, in fact, a nice change. As for now, I can only highly recommend visiting Malta and experiencing every benefit it has to offer. Starting from the always noisy and full of different food/shop spots Sliema beach coasts and finishing with the… well, there is too much to do here, thus, exploring never ends.

I do have to admit that I picked up an addiction along the way. A crepe place which I discovered in Sliema has another shop next to the Quad Office. Let’s just say, that I am a very loyal customer and not only I bring other loyal customers but also I advertise it as if I am paid by them. Other interns should agree. If you are ever in Malta, visit Kreppre. It is not sponsored, I promise.

From the nature side of Malta, well, it might not be as green and leafy I was used to in Lithuania, but I sure was amazed by the vast amount of pretty beaches and bays, lagoons and cliffs. You can feel the exotic part of Malta in every corner. The sea is very warm and helpful when trying to survive the heat. It is nothing like the Baltic Sea.

I can spend the entire day just in Sliema Surf side’s natural pools.

Of course I would need to have a break and grab a crepe which is just a few minutes of walking.

The people surrounding you in Malta are very relaxed and easy going. The language that is common in every area is English. That makes the stay even more pleasant.

All in all, the start is great for me and I am waiting for some more challenges and experiences that this journey will bring me.

Stay Tuned!