France to Malta

Hello ! My name is Sabrina, I’m 26 years old and I come from Dijon, in France.

I finished my studies not so long ago, and now I’m an occupational psychologist doing an internship in Malta.

Why this additional recruitment internship? I already have some professional experience in the fields of professional orientation and insertion, and I wanted to discover the “other side” of this job and diversify my skills, especially improve my level of English.

I also wanted to discover another country with a different culture and history. I love to travel so much, so I’m always motivated and happy to meet people with a different vision of life, it’s really rewarding.

Why Malta ? Malta is a historic island with a strong culture which attracted me. It is also a place where many people are fluent in English, and there are a lot of job opportunities.

I have been in Malta for 3 weeks now, the first week was spent discovering and visiting different places in this country. For example, I went to the historic city like Mdina which I fell in love with, and the 3 old cities (Cospicua, Senglea, Vittoriosa) located in front of Valletta. I also spent time in more peaceful places like Gozo with its beautiful beaches and high cliffs, it was really great to see it.

People here are really friendly, they are less stressed than in France (except on the road) and it feels good to be in Maltese mode. You can also meet a lot of people who come from different countries, it’s really rewarding.

So I started my internship within Quad Consultancy 1 week ago and I’m really happy to be part of this team. My colleagues are attentive and really caring with the trainees. I’m staying for 5 months so I know that I could really evolve my skills with different recruitment tasks and responsibilities.

In summary I have a really good first impression of Malta; it is a mix between many countries like Italy, Maghreb, England, France… You can also see it in the Maltese language and culture, and this is what makes this country so attractive to me.