My experience in Malta

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

My Experience in Malta

Hello everyone!

My name is Camille, I’m 20 years old and I come from to La Rochelle, it is a city located on the Atlantic coast of France.

I’m a student in Sup de Co La Rochelle and currently in an Erasmus period in Regensburg in Germany for my 2nd year course in Bachelor of Business Administration. To complete my second year, I had to do an internship abroad. During my search, I found Malta by chance, and I saw that there were a lot of opportunities to find an internship during summer. I thought Malta was a good option to work and to discover landscapes and enjoy my internship. I could have looked for an internship in Germany but I really wanted to internationalize my CV more.

I’m here in Malta for four months to improve my English and my marketing skills. I think I’m very lucky to find my internship at Quad Consultancy. They are very helpful, answer all our questions, and we all work in a good atmosphere. I think it will be a good experience to discover more about how companies works.

The time has past really fast here, I have already been here for 2 months and I really love this place, except for buses that are never on time, never come or are too full. You really must be patient! What I really like in Malta is it’s mix of culture and you can find any nationality, it’s very interesting. Even in my flat, we have four different nationalities. I share my flat with Moroccan, Czech and Colombian people, it’s very friendly and particularly for World Cup, even if we support a different team, there is a good atmosphere. I came alone to Malta but it’s so easy to meet people here, we don’t stay alone for long. I did not meet a lot of Maltese but the little I met are pretty cool.

I have been to some place like Mellieha, Gozo, Golden Bay, Blue Grotto, Blue Lagoon and Valetta and I really want to discover more places and learn typical things about Malta. Malta is full of history and it is thanks to that that there is such a mix of cultures. Gozo is also very nice, and there is a beautiful beach with orange/red sand in Ramla Bay. I also dove and I discovered beautiful marine life.

If you like fireworks, you will be pleased, there are every day in the summer months!

See you soon,