Moin Malta!

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Hi or as we would say in Hamburg, Moin!

My name is Benjamin Hermann, I am 27 years old and come from the beautiful North of Germany. More precisely from Hamburg. Like the Maltese, people from Hamburg are a bunch of sailors with a long tradition, too. Hamburg is not an island but through the blood of every Hamburger it flows the Elbe and the North Sea .

But let´s get back to me.

I have recently graduated with the German degree of “Diplom-Kaufmann” (comparable to a master in business administration). I have specialized in marketing, finance and risk management. I wrote my diploma thesis in the field of marketing, which dealt with the role of influencer communication for service companies.

My hobbies are reading, meeting friends and listening to music, but also scuba diving. I like to cook and I am interested in all kinds of sport activities. I like to try out new things, so I recently discovered bouldering for myself. Luckily Malta is known for its beautiful dive sites and climbing spots.

So, why Malta?

My wish was to go abroad after my graduation. I did not just want to improve my English, but also gain my first professional experiences abroad through an internship.

Working under the sun with direct access to the beach, that was what I wanted. It is also exciting to get to know cultural differences, especially in the field of marketing and the world of economics.

My goal was to find an internship in Europe. As there is no other European country besides the UK and Ireland in which English is spoken as an official language and I wanted to go to Malta. So when I identified my destination country, I searched on the Internet for suitable internships and found some attractive companies.

After having several interviews, I chose Quad Consultancy to do a 4 months internship in their marketing department. The company looked very serious to me and the job interview was very open and relaxed. The team is young and dynamic here. You can get involved very well and you do not have to be afraid about making mistakes.

I have been here for just over two weeks and one of my biggest concerns at the beginning was not to be taken seriously as an intern and given tasks such as making coffee or managing their paperwork. So far, however, I only used the coffee machine when I made coffee for myself. I rather have the freedom to engage myself and to present my ideas.

It is nice to work in such an environment and to gain my first experiences and I am very curious how the next few weeks and months will develop.

Also, the first impression I got from Malta in the last weeks was very positive. The island seems to me like a single big city. The change to the left-hand traffic and the chaotic driving style is strange for me as a German – I am still looking in the wrong direction when crossing a road- but one day I will get it….

Malta offers many opportunities to go out with friends / colleagues in the evening. Whether it is a party, a delicious dinner, or just letting the day end on the beach with a beer or glass of wine. Although the tourist beaches are very crowded, with a bit of exploration and climbing you will find many empty coves and beautiful swimming spots.

Apart from leisure activities, Malta also has a lot to offer in terms of culture and culinary delights, which I wasn’t able to discover in this short time, but I am looking forward to explore and get to know everything in the near future.

Bye for now! Grazzi!

Your Benjamin