My First Blog

This one is my first contribution to Quad Consultancy Blog.

My name is Ibon Basterretxea and I am from the Basque Country, a province located in the north of Spain. For those of you who do not know the zone, we are the territory where the majority of world stars Michelin per capita exists. You are invited to come!

Currently I am a fourth year student realizing a double degree in the CamaraBilbao Business School. The first three years of the course I have studied Management and Managerial Marketing, speciality in marketing. The last year in order to obtain the double degree and to be able to live through a totally wealth-producing experience I have realized a Bachelor in Business Administration which focuses on Luxury Marketing in the university Groupe Sup de Co, La Rochelle.

For this reason, I have travelled to Malta, to perform a three month internships in Quad Consultancy, located in Mosta, a big town situated in the middle of the island. The team that forms the company is very dynamic and what I like most is the environment that from my point of view is marvellous. This allows me to feel very comfortable while I do my tasks.

The only thing I knew about Malta before coming here was the good quality and quantity of beaches were it is possible to dive and have a good time, but in fact I have found a really interesting country were you can do many activities thanks to the good weather. (It is always sunny 24/7).

So far I have visited Valletta, the capital city of Malta and Comino, a small island situated in the north, where you can find the famous “Blue Lagoon”, known by its crystalline water.

To get to Valletta, the best option is to take a ferry. As soon as you enter the city it is possible to observe many streets and corners with a beautiful atmosphere that captivated me. What made me pleased about the city; it is the quantity of live music that could be heard in the streets.

On the other hand, to reach Comino you can take a bus to Cirkewwa and then a ferry that will show you some caves and then arrive to the Blue Lagoon.

During the next weeks I will continue visiting the island and I will keep in touch!


Ibon Basterrechea