Updated: Nov 25, 2018


I am Monika, originally from Lithuania, however I have been living abroad for 6 years now. To Malta I came from Bergamo, North of Italy where for two years I have been studying master’s in Clinical Psychology. Since then I have decided to turn my career to an organisational direction when I was very happy to be accepted for the Quad internship possibility. And here I am!

This is not my first time in Malta. I had visited the island 4 years ago with a friend of mine for 10 days. We were couchsurfing, met a lot of people and went around Malta, visited Gozo as well. I returned absolutely obsessed with the country! I was telling everyone about Maltese people, wine, all the trips we took, all the adventures we had. However, when asked if I wanted to come back to Malta, I always said no, simply because there are many other places I haven’t been to yet.

How tables have turned!

Malta happened to be my 4th foreign country I have lived in. After living in Italy and Spain, it is such a relief that Malta is an English speaking country with the associated benefits of the island. I was rather pleased to return to places I have been in the past to see how it has changed, and to have the opportunity to gradually visit where I had not been, such as Marsaxlokk, Mellieha, Comino and other hidden beauties around the island. It is interesting to see how Malta has expanded and that there are much more foreigners than when I previously visited in 2014.

For the first few days I was hosted by a Maltese guy who made me feel very welcomed and guided me through the essentials of living in Malta. I found a bunch of things that were very strange preferably called cultural differences.

Firstly, it was the fact that I have sorted my life on Facebook. Via certain Maltese facebook groups, I found accommodation, a part time job and other relevant information. What I really enjoy, were the relaxed and laid back Maltese, not stressed themselves and not stressing others.

The island vibes are strong!

Later on, a couple of my friends visited me here and I had a pleasure to share what I found great about the island. We rented a car which made it much easier to go around because not all the places are easy to reach by public transport. So we could run away from tourists and were able to find awesome places to snorkel.

After first two months I have got the feeling that I do not want to go anywhere and I decided to stay longer.

Fortune favors the bold thus I am buzzing to see what future brings me.


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