By writing an effective CV, you increase your chances of getting an interview. The interview, in turn, is a crucial process to get that job you really want. Or to start the career you chose.

These are Teresa’s top tips for this month:

  1. Choose the right layout – Choose a layout that best represents your personality. Having said that, there are certain standards that need to be respected. Check out this short video for more helpTeresa's Trusty Tips
  2. Make sure your contact details are visible and correct – Sending a CV with incorrect details is pointless as it is harder for the receiver to contact you. It also reflects badly on your attention to detail
  3. Use the right order – Always put the most recent activity on top. Whoever is reading your CV is primarily interested in your most recent activities and experiences
  4. Highlight your skills on the CV – It may not be obvious that you have specific skills based on your experience and education. This is why it is important to list these qualities
  5. Be specific and brief by using keywords – Let the key information stand out. Being concise is key. You only need to point out the most important information while making sure that it is clear and that it stands out

Bonus Tip – Help is available – The good news is that we can help you! We actually provide very brief sessions to help job seekers design a CV that stands out. We speak to hiring managers every day and we know exactly what they’re looking for. Please click here for further information.

Teresa's Tips on Effective CV