At Quad Consultancy we believe that a successful business is built on four strong core pillars. Our job is to ensure that you are getting the most out of these functions

The Four Quad Consultancy Pillars


About Us

 Bringing out the best in you

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Quad Consultancy is a boutique Management Consultancy firm located in Malta, Europe whose sole purpose is to help local and international businesses focus on their core operations.  


Our Quad team boasts a combined professional experience of over 200 years in top-performing organisations. We provide advisory services to clients who want to maximise their performance.


The wide array of consultancy services that we provide include, mainly: HR, Legal, Finance, Process Management, IT, Communications and Compliance. 



You're as good as your worst performer. Effective management of Human Resources (HR) has a direct impact on your bottom line. Our experienced professional Recruitment Consultants can help you attract the best available talent; and our HR Consultants to retain your best talent as well as maximising your people's productivity while retaining your best performers.


Effectiveness and efficiency - or lack thereof - certainly determine the difference between a successful business, and a failure. Your systems are a key driver to help achieve a competitive edge. Our experts covering IT Services, Knowledge Management and Compliances can help you review, and sharpen your tools while making sure that you're operating at optimum levels.


The method and tone of intended message delivery determines the success or failure of the intended purpose. There are a number of communication techniques to help you ascertain that you're using the right words, tonality and tools to penetrate effectively . Our specialised Communication Consultants are more than happy to share these with you.     Let's talk, get in touch with us.


Finance is your companies fuel. Invoices need to be paid, and commitments should honoured as expected. Through our comprehensive and diverse financial support services and legal advisory services, we can fully support you in this crucial area while you focus on your core business operations.


What people say


"She'll go out of her way to make sure the whole recruitment process goes as smoothly as possible"

"Based on what I've seen, Natalie is very good at what she does – she did match me with my new employers after all! She's clearly very organised and capable of discerning suitable job candidates. Plus she'll go out of her way to make sure the whole recruitment process goes as smoothly as possible (at one point she was still sorting out details for me well into the weekend). Her polite and cheery phone manner has helped make the whole experience a more of a pleasure than a chore and I have no problem recommending her recruitment"

Perfect match