As an experienced Recruitment Consultant, Teresa will be sharing some tips that help you increase your chances of success when looking for a job.Teresa's Trusty Tips

These are this month’s Trusty Tips:

  1. Be realistic – there is no such thing as the perfect job. Like everything else in this world, all career opportunities come with pleasures and pains. It is best to look for a job that plays to your strengths
  2. Set aside time each day to search and apply for jobs – do some market research and check out those jobs that play to your strengths. You can start by clicking here
  3. Customise your cover letter and CV to the specific job for which you are applying – make sure that your updated CV highlights those experiences and achievements that are relevant to the role you’re applying for
  4. Update your social media profiles – prospective employers will check out your social media profiles, mainly Facebook and LinkedIn. Ensure that these tools will help you get an interview and that your LinkedIn profile is consistent with your CV
  5. List your skills and remote work experience – there is a lot of competition for any job post and your CV has to provide prospective employers with a reason to spend their precious time talking to you
  6. Consider new certifications and prepare for competency tests – although knowledge is power, outdated information is a hindrance. Recruitment is increasingly turning into a science, and many employers are now making use of scientific tests that measure your knowledge and competence
  7. Be patient – the reality we’re living in has restricted (hopefully momentarily) the job opportunities available. Yet the number of people looking for a job is on the rise. This means that employers are likely to need more time to process CVs and schedule interviews
  8. Consider different roles – if you’re uncertain about the future of your organisation, it would be wise to consider roles with organisations that may be in a better position to guarantee consistent income. Prepare yourself for a possible pay cut
  9. Get comfortable with the reality of remote interviews – social distancing has forced us to change our ways. More companies are using remote interviewing, even for very senior roles. Make sure that you are comfortable with virtual meetings as they’re here to stay
  10. Prepare questions to ask during the interview – ask questions that are relevant to the job, showing that you understood clearly what is expected of the chosen candidate and that you understand what the company stands for

Bonus Tip

Send your updated CV to Quad Consultancy – during these past 10 years, we have built a high degree of credibility with many employers. They do trust our judgement and therefore are very likely to consider the CVs that we introduce to them because they know that these have passed the rigorous process that precedes the introduction of a CV to their organisation

I truly wish you the best of luck with your job hunting. Please feel free to contact our team at if you need any kind of assistance.

Keep well!